Artificial Intelligence

We simplify Artificial Intelligence by teaching the basics with a hands on approach.

Internet of Things

We teach IOT to integrate sensors, devices, databases to collect data to work effectively in an integrated world.

3D Printing

We teach 3D Printing which allows a designer to bring his design to physical form.


We teach the foundations of making drones along with hands on exposure and to make Autonomous flights.

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Tech Clubs

Tech Clubs are an opportunity for young minds to shape their careers from an early stage in their life.

Oxygen 2 Innovation conducts the following Tech Clubs. We are proudly associated with all AMITY Schools to conduct their Tech Clubs. We conduct Tech Clubs for Army Public School and Cambridge Schools as well.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

  2. Drones

  3. 3D Printing

  4. Internet of Things

To give an early exposure gives a global advantage.


Oxygen to Innovation

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Our advantages

  1. Written Course Content

  2. Video Lectures

  3. Hands on Practical Experience

  4. Industrial relevant case studies

  5. Training from global experts

Our Courses

o2i ai
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to assist and take automated decisions.

We simplify the subject by teaching the basics with a hands on approach.

Experts trained from abroad teach this subject with due care so that the youngest mind can enjoy, appreciate and apply Artificial Intelligence.

We take up selective Industrial case studies for corporates so that the concepts learned can be immediately implemented.


Drones have the ability to traverse large distances without any obstacles. That makes them extremly valuable for critical life saving applications.

We teach the foundations of making drones along with hands on exposure and guide them to develop an ability to make Autonomous flights.

In the end they make real life applications which gives them enough ability to apply these fundamentals to develop customized applications in the future.

Internet of Things

An integrated world with all devices integrated and communicating with each other is the future. That is possible with IOT ( Internet of Things ).

We teach foundations of Microprocessors to communication to data storage to actuation. All this with a hands on approach with real hardware.

3D Printing

3D Printing has the potential to create any thing instantenously.

Creating things instantaneously and cost effectively is a boon for a innovator.

During our 3D Printing courses we teach design methodology to design tools to 3D printing.

Having the ability to bring your imagination to life is a rare talent to have.

The ability to bring down product development cycle lies in the efficient use of 3D printing.

3D printing

We are proud to be associated with

  1. Army Public School

  2. Amity University

  3. Cambridge School

  4. Honda

  5. MSME ( Govt of Rajhasthan )

  6. MSME ( Govt of Bihar )

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