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Surgical 3D Printing

PATIENT SPECIFIC 3D SURGICAL MODEL is an object created from a digital medical image using 3D printing technology.

At Oxygen to Innovation, we use SURGICAL 3D PRINTING and 3D VISUALISATION TECHNIQUES to help doctors train for PLAN, PRACTICE and PERFORM complex medical procedures.

These 3D Surgical Models LOWER THE COST and ENHANCE THE EFFICIENCY of COMPLEX pre-surgical, surgical and post-surgical PROCEDURES.

Using the patient specific model we can design & develop 3d printed surgical tools so that surgical procedures can be conducted offline TO VALIDATE the implants and processes.

Surgical 3D Printing will help in reduction of the duration of the actual surgical procedure and result in BETTER EFFICIENCY and ACCURACY.

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  • REDUCE TIME - Surgical 3D Printing improves efficiency of presurgical, surgical and post-surgical procedures.

  • INCREASED ACCURACY - Surgical 3D Printing helps in a more precise procedures resulting in better patient outcome.

  • SAVE MONEY - Surgical 3D Printing adds to zero net incremental costs for the surgical staff, hospital and patient.

  • DETERMINING THE BEST TREATMENT - Having access to a tangible, scale model of what is inside the patient, Surgical 3D Printing allows surgeons to visualize and explore the ailment or injury in real space and reach a much more comprehensive understanding of their patient's injuries.

  • PRE OPERATIVE PLANNING - Custom medical models developed using Surgical 3D Printing helps surgeons plan and practice for operations. Pre-operative planning not only cuts the time that patients spend in surgery, but it also reduces the risk of complications and infection rates.

Work Flow Process

  • RECIEVE DATA - Collect the medical image data or case particulars to study & plan for Surgical 3D Printing.

  • REVIEW & APPROVE - We analyze the data and review with our in house experienced doctor(s) to obtain approval.

  • CAD IMAGE - We process the data, develop CAD images and feed medical printer with the data required.

  • 3D PRINT - 3D Printed Surgical Models & 3D Printed Surgical Tools are printed at our 3D Printing workstation.

Our Facilities

  • CAD EXPERTS to design & develop Surgical Models & Surgical Tools 3D Scanning facility to scan RAW 3D DATA.

  • In House 3D PRINTING FACILITY to perform Surgical 3D Printing activities

Our Facilities

  • CONSULTATION & GUIDANCE on complete surgical 3D Printing process by our experienced medical team

  • Converting your 2D Model into 3D Printable format

  • 3D Printing 3D Surgical Models & 3D Surgical Tools

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1:1 skull 3D Printed

1:1 Replica 3D Surgical skull developed at Oxygen to Innovation using 3d printing

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