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Necessity of Mould Making

Mould making is a necessity for COMMERCIALISING products as it leverages ECONOMIES OF SCALE enabling AFFORDABLE PRODUCTS. O2i develops moulds to deliver a FINAL PRODUCT as per FUNCTIONAL and AESTHETIC requirements of the customer.

3D modelling
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Economies of Scale

The most significant ADVANTAGE of achieving economies of scale is a REDUCED COST per unit of production. A LOWER COST per unit allows a business to EARN GREATER PROFIT.

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Plastic Moulding

Oxygen to Innovation manufactures HIGH PRECISION MOULDS that can PRODUCE components in PLASTIC, RUBBER OR, POLYURETHANE. Our moulding expertise enables us to manufacture MICRO MOULDS where the components DIMENSION range in MM and PRECISION required is in MICRONS.

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Die Casting

We manufacture HIGH PRECISION DIE CAST MOULDS for METAL COMPONENTS. High precision accuracy is achieved and cost effectiveness is achieved in INTRICATE METAL parts.

Our Services

  1. Plastic Mould Making and Die Casting

  2. Injection Moulding and Die Casting for Production

  3. Packaging Solutions

Work Flow Process

  1. Required design of product is submitted.

  2. Best Mould Designs are selected.

  3. Moulds manufactured for maximum efficiency and output.

Our Facilities

  1. Tool Room for manufacture of Injection Moulds and Die Cast Moulds.

  2. Plastic Injection and Die Cast Moulding

  3. Packaging Design and Solution Team

Sucessfully Projects Completed

  1. Micro Moulds for a Medical Device Manufacturer

  2. Polyurethane moulds for Wood baba Retail

  • Delivery time for moulds depends on the intracies of component to be manufactured.

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3D Printing has the power to bring your imagination to life. 3D printing is a manufacturing technology that enables you to create solid 3D objects from digital models.

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3D modelling

3D Model

Oxygen to Innovation developed 3D model of soldier for Indian Army to be deployed at India Gate , Delhi

Animation video of holographic projector

Holographic projector

Promotional video developed for inhouse MEDICAL 3D HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTOR

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