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One of the newest advantages in medical training is the use of 3D HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION TECHNOLOGY.

Medical 3D holographic projection helps COMMUNICATE COMPLEX INFORMATION effectively. UNDERSTANDING ANATOMY, especially in regards to SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS. Overall it improves MEDICAL INSTRUCTION in any form. It enables quickly CREATING, VIEWING and SHARING of 3D anatomical models.

At Oxygen to Innovation, advancement in 3D holographic projection technology & our 3d holographic projector is used to ENGAGE WITH PATIENTS and PROMOTE HEALTH EDUCATION in the community.

3D modelling


  1. To further ENHANCE the patients & medical students knowledge regarding the DISEASE & TREATMENT PROCESS

  2. Study of COMPLEX ANATOMY terms in detail, easily and efficiently.

  3. A real time 3D DIMENSIONAL VIEW.

Product Specifications

  • Outer Dimension - 300 x 270 x 220 mm

  • Projection Size - 60 to 80 mm

  • Weight - 700 gm

  • 3 Side View

  • promotional video
    We Provide


    Medimaker is Oxygen to Innovation's latest product to leverage our advanced knowledge, expertise & experience in the field of MEDICAL 3D PRINTERS & 3D PRINTING in India.

    Oxygen to Innovation presents you Medimaker - a Medical 3D Printer specifically designed & developed for 3D PRINTING SURGICAL TOOLS & MEDICAL DEVICES.


    1. 1:1 Replicas from MRI / CT Scans can be 3D Printed with Dimension accuracy of 100 microns.

    2. Specific Applications useful for Dental Guides & Invisible Braces.

    3. Custom made Surgical Guides for complex medical procedures can be made within 24 - 48 hours.


    1. Clinical and Engineering Support team to ensure full benefit and use of 3D Printing Technology.

    2. Associated Software for Editing / Modifiying 3D Data Provided along side.

    3. 3D Data relavant for Medical Applications for Practice and Use.

    Product Specifications

    • Dimensions -- 360 x 380 x 14.9606 mm

    • Weight -- 12.3 kg

    • Build Volume -- 160 x 170 x 275 mm

    • Assembly type – Pre assembled

    • Print technology – Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

    • Print head – Swappable nozzle

    • XYZ accuracy – 30.5, 30.5, 10 micron

    • Supported materials – PLA, PETG

    • Warranty – You’ll enjoy a comprehensive 12 month warranty (excluding hot end)

    • Lifetime support – Expert technical support via email, phone, or from our community is available to you for lifetime of your printer.

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     Medimaker-Medical 3D Printer


    Oxygen to Innovation recently launched a new product - Medimaker 3D Printer specifically for 3D Medical industry

    Animation video of holographic projector

    Holographic projector

    Promotional video developed for inhouse MEDICAL 3D HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTOR

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