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About the Kit - VR Box is a do-it-yourself Virtual Reality (VR) kit for children through which your child can create his own virtual reality video and experience it via his phone. Your child can pick anything out of his own imagination and experience it in reality.

What will you learn?
1. Virtual Reality video development - Very often we see that children experience technology in malls but do not really know the science behind it. VR Box is a hands-on kit through which your child will understand how new age technologies such as Virtual Reality actually work in reality and more importantly, apply these concepts in his daily life.

2. 3D model creation - Through this kit your child will also learn how to create a basic 3D model and make a VR video out of his creation.


Lessons 1: Foundations of Virtual Reality

In this session the students will be introduced to Virtual reality, applications, practical uses and benefits of this new age technology.
Students will be taught the basics of Virtual Reality from Software Tools & VR Glasses.
Various VR Sets with their capability will be introduced to children.


Students will be learn and themselves make how to make a VR application and implement it on a 360 degree photograph.
Students will be taught to create 360 Degree Videos with them being present in the video scene but not interacting.
Students will be taught to create VR environments created in Sketch up with them interacting with the environment.
Students will make practical VR Applications for Home use.
Students will be given various avenues to expand their skills further. Various beneficial competitions will be identified.
Students will get access to additional references and resources to expand their skills.

Kit Features

1. Easy to use design tools -
2. Practical Applications -
3. Do-It-Yourself kit for children -
4. Online Course -
5. Easy to use Instruction Manual + Assembly Videos + On Call Support -
We want your child to be a creator of technology vs consumers of technology. We will be facilitators in this process. You can simply rely on us!
  • Our 3D modelling tools are very simple to use thus enabling starters also to be able to make their own VR videos easily.
  • This kit has VR glasses in which a mobile phone can be fitted in. Once your child develops a VR video on his computer, he can simple download the same on his phone and experience the world of virtual reality.
  • It has been scientifically proven that a hands-on approach helps children learn faster and retain longer. Our do-it-yourself kits are specially designed for children to enable them to learn new age technologies in a simple and engaging way.
  • Through this kit your child will have access to online course content thus helping your child understand all the aspects of Virtual Reality in a comprehensive way.
  • We have made a simplified instruction manual which your child can easily follow. We have assembly videos on our site and social media. Also, if your child still gets stuck somewhere, we are just a call away.


Kiansh, Student, Delhi Public School, Noida


I have always been intrigued with VR. I am a regular visitor of Smash in DLF Promenade mall, Delhi where I love playing Virtual Reality cricket. I enjoy the VR roller coaster rides. In all, I love the VR experience. So, when I got to know about this kit, I was very fascinated. The idea of making my own VR videos was very interesting. So, I built my own space shuttle. I was easily able to make it fly in air and also add sound effects to it. This got me started into making more things on VR. Now, I am thinking of making the Marvel rides that I had seen in Universal studios in Singapore.

Aniket, Student, Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon


I love my play station. I must have played literally all VR games on that starting from God of War to Overwatch and so on. So, I purchased this kit and I started with making the space station. Now, I have graduated into making my own VR game.

Anshul, Student, School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi


I am an architecture student. So this kit has been a blessing for me. We had a live assignment to be shown to real clients. We were to design the architecture of a building in Gurgaon. Using this kit, I made the architecture design using the VR tools provided in the kit and made the clients view it through VR glasses also provided in the kit. They were really impressed. They could actually see how the real building would look like. The kit was a real value add for my project. A big thank you.