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Architectural 3D Printing

3D printing is having a transformative effect in the way that we EXPLORE OUR IMAGINATION with regard to ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS. The fact that we can create anything that we design instantaneously gives architects extreme prototyping capability.

Architectural 3D printing is used to design HOUSE LAYOUTS, building STRUCTURES, town and CITY PLANNING. Bridges and Dams that would need a SCALED DOWN FUNCTIONAL VALIDATION can be done with the help of 3d Printing as well.

Architectural 3D printing in India has just begun to explore the possibilities and we at Oxygen to Innovation feel privileged in making this TECHNOLOGY ACCESSIBLE TO ARCHITECTS AND CIVIL ENGINEERS.

3d printed architecture model

Plant Layouts

For manufacturing and power industries, meeting HIGHER PRODUCTION GOALS and stricter regulatory requirements begins with BUILDING A BETTER PLANT LAYOUT.

Our expert RAPID PROTOTYPING & ANIMATION team allows for rapid PHYSICAL 3D layout GENERATION and photo renderings, and FLY-THROUGH WALK THROUGHS for PROPOSALS.

Using 3D PLANT LAYOUT, you will be able to provide EARLY VISIBILITY of your PROPOSED PLANT SOLUTION.

Project Work Flow Process

Our 3D Printing & Animation team ensures that the PROCESS OF IMPLEMENTING your idea & animation is as EFFICIENT as possible.

Steps of Execution

  1. 2D / 3D Data Inputs from Customer.

  2. 3D model ready to be 3d Printed.

  3. Verification and go ahead from Customer.

  4. Print 3D.

  5. Walkthrough Animation.

Our Services

  1. CAD Designing

  2. 3D Printing

  3. Animated video of site layouts

Our facilities Include

  1. CAD Designing Team to help you design your site / Plant Layout ready to be 3D Printed

  2. 3D Printing Innovation Lab to 3D Print a physical site / Plant Layout.

  3. Animation Team to design and create walk throughs.

Successfully completed projects

  1. Smart Urbanization Project for Andra Pradesh Government 3D Printed Scaled down models for specific terrain in Andhra Pradesh as a part 3D Architecture project.

  2. Sharda University 3D Printed Site Layout of a complete sector as a part 3D Architecture project.

  3. India Gate Memorial - Indian Army 3D Printed & Animated Memorial at India Gate as a part 3D Architecture modelling project.

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3D Printing has the power to bring your imagination to life. 3D printing is a manufacturing technology that enables you to create solid 3D objects from digital models.

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  • Architectural 3D Printing
3D Architecture site layout for Andhra Pradesh government

3D Printed House

Oxygen to Innovation 3D printed houses Andhra Pradesh Government to check there feasibility

3D Architecture 2bhk house layout

3D Amity model

Oxygen to Innovation 3D printed inner details of 2bhk houses for Amity group,Noida

3D Architecture sector layout for Sharda

Sharda model

Oxygen to Innovation 3D printed the entire site layout of an area for Sharda University , Greater Noida

Indian Defense
Indian Navigation Company

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