Welcome to Oxygen 2 Innovation


We have been making technolgically advanced systems for the Indian defence forces, for over 10 years. Some of our products are the automated mining robot, remote-controlled military drones and mission driven armoured vehicles. We also love to engage with children and therefore, we have conducted many courses on the new age technologies across various schools in the last 3 years.


It has been scientifically proven that a hands-on approach helps children learn faster and retain longer. Our do-it-yourself kits are specially designed for children to enable them to learn new age technologies in a simple and engaging way wherein each kit has a practical application which children can apply to their daily lives.

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It is our vision to enable every child to become creators versus consumers of technology. .

FOUNDING TEAM - Oxygen 2 Innovation


  1. First Batch of Students trained at APS School - Trained 50 Children
  2. Taught Drones at for Amity schools - Trained 200 Children
  3. Taught Explorers Club to 300 Amity Children along with Builders - Artificial Intelligence Club to 50 Amity Children
  4. Taught Explorers Club to 450 Amity Children.
  5. About to teach children of Amity in virtual mode.
  6. Launched Self Learning Kits.