O2i Robo Truck | Line Follower

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BRIEF OVERVIEW - O2i Robo Truck DIY kit is built on the Make - Learn - Use concept. The child learns the usage of Robotic Components - Motors - Sensors - Controller Boards by making and building a Robotic product for a useful application.

INSTRUCTION MANUAL AND VIDEO LECTURES - O2i Robo Truck DIY Kit comes with a complete set of building instructions along with complimentary Video Lectures and support systems to ensure that the child is able to firmly grap the fundamentals build it and see it in implemented in reality to solve a useful home application problem.

CONSTRUCTIVE FAMILY ACTIVITY AT HOME - O2i Robo Truck DIY kit allows you to mentor your child or let your child learn by themselves in an engaging, education and higly enriching learning experience.

EXPERT MENTORSHIP AND TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Oxygen 2 Innovation team provides expert mentorship to children and family members to ensure that the Robo Truck is assembled appropriately.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND CERTIFICATE - As an acknowledgment of the effort undertaken by the Parents and the child a Certificate will be provided from Oxygen 2 Innovation upon assembly and implementation of the Oi Robo Truck in an useful application.

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Product Description

Kit Includes

1. All Components

2. Assembly Manual

3. Additional References and Exercises

4. KIT ID for Mentorship and Guidance

5. Access to Completion Certificate

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Kit Includes

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I really loved making the robot and would love to make it again. Thumbs up for Robo Truck and Oxygen x Innovation

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