SAE 3D Printing

Oxygen to Innovation has designed & developed 3D Printed Steering wheel, Air Intake System, Mounting Brackets, Car Shells etc for SAE teams

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Miniature Models

Oxygen to Innovation has developed miniature cars/ models for renowned organisations like Maruti Suzuki, JCB & Tata Hitachi

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Surgical 3D Printing

Oxygen to Innovation welcomes you to the latest technology in medical field like Invisible Braces, Surgical tools and Medical Devices.

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Architecture 3D Printing

We provide a range of services from conversion of 2D elevations into 3D CAD models and making them 3D Print Compatible.

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Know something about

3D Printers

3D Printer has the ability to CREATE YOUR IMAGINATION into a PHYSICAL PRODUCT. A 3D Printer prints a physical object in three dimension. A 3D model is built up layer by layer. Therefore the process is called rapid prototyping, or 3D printing.

We offer a complete range of 3D Printers in India which ranges from World renowned for ULTRA PRECISION Felix Pro 3D Printer to the AFFORDABLE Do it Yourself ( DIY ) Prusa I3 3D Printer to the VALUE FOR MONEY Flash Forge Creator Pro 3D Printer.

We Offer the Following range of 3D printers in India.

  1. Prusa I3

  2. Ultimaker

  3. Felix Pro

  4. Megamaker

  5. Flash Forge Creator Pro

In case you are looking for a specific application of 3D Printer and need to CUSTOMISE the 3D PRINTER then you are at the right place. Oxygen to Innovation offers customised 3D Printers in India for your application.

We organise CORPORATE 3D Printing WORKSHOPS and 3D PRINTING COURSES upon request to enhance students creativity in the additive manufacturing field.

Please visit our PRODUCTS SECTION for our complete range of 3D Printers with TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS.

Please visit our Products section for our complete range of printers with technical specifications.

Oxygen to Innovation-3D-printer Oxygen to Innovation-3D-printer
3D model 3D model
We specialise in

3D Printing

Oxygen to Innovation brings forward the BEST that 3D printing technology has to offer - thats our commitment. No matter what your application - If you can IMAGINE it, we CAN 3D PRINT it for you.

3D Printing, also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM), refers to processes used to synthesize a three-dimensional (3D) object in which successive layers of material are formed under computer control to create an object.

We deliver the BEST 3D PRINTING SERVICES IN INDIA & 3D RAPID PROTOTYPING using following 3D printing techniques :

  1. PolyJet
  2. SLS or SLA(Stereolithography)
  3. Laser Sintering (SLS or LS)
  4. Direct Metal Laser Sintering(DMLS)
  5. Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
  6. Paper Printing
  7. CNC

We provide SPECIALISED 3D PRINTING services in India & 3D RAPID PROTOYPING service in the field of :-

  1. Architecture and Plant Layouts
  2. Customised parts for Formula SAE Racing Cars
  3. Miniature Intricate Models
  4. Dental and Medical applications.
We specialise in

Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs are being set up by forward moving companies, research organisations and start ups to spur the NEXT GENERATION OF PRODUCTS. Applied research and Innovation is way forward and many government agencies are moving in this direction as well. They’re also a way to ensure the company is keeping pace with rapid and often unpredictable CHANGES playing out in REAL TIME all around them. An innovation lab can be SET UP for a FEW DAYS or a FEW MONTHS – or an innovation lab can become a PERMANENT PART of the your INNOVATION INFRASTRUCTURE – whichever suits the specific needs of your organization.

We have set up Innovation labs for :-

  1. Government of Bihar, PATNA, MSME
  2. Government of Rajhasthan, JAIPUR, MSME
  3. Army Public School, APS Noida

Our experience has been utilized by organizations of all kinds in many different industries. We work closely with your architects, designers, and project managers to design the most effective and PRODUCTIVE INNOVATION CENTER for your CIRCUMSTANCES AND GOALS.

At Oxygen to Innovation

Our Facilities Include

  1. 3D Printing Lab with - SLA/SLS/FDM Printers

  2. CAD Center - Animation and Designing workstations

  3. Dental Center - Aligners, Single Sitting Root Canal, Bridges and Crowns

  4. Mechanical Manufacturing Lab

  5. Electronics Lab - Variety of tools for Embedded Programming and IOT

Some of our Sucessfully Completed Projects

  1. Mega Size - Yamaha 1:1 Bike Components spanning 600 mm in Length.

  2. High Strength Polycarbonate Printing - Specific Enclosures for high heat and strength requirements.

  3. High Precision SLA & SLS Printing - Baubax ( USA ) - Next generation smart Jacket.

our specialised services

Architectural 3D Printing

3D printing technology produces astonishingly smooth, detailed architectural models using an array of materials, including rigid photopolymers ready for painting. For models that must bear loads, 3D printing Technology builds strong parts in production-grade thermoplastics.

Dental 3D Printing

Oxygen to Innovation believes that Dental 3D Printing will enhance overall quality of patient care. By combining oral scanning, CAD/CAM design and 3D printing, Oxygen to Innovation can accurately and rapidly produce aligners , crowns, bridges and a range of orthodontic appliances.

Medical 3D Printing

Oxygen to Innovation 3D printing solutions comprising of technology, materials, services and medical-industry expertise to help enhance clinical outcomes. We meet customised medical applications via 3D Printing.

Innovation Labs

Oxygen to Innovation provides complete Innovation Labs to Universities, Research Centers and Startup Companies to set up their inhouse Innovation Center.

Automotive (SAE) 3D Printing

Oxygen to Innovation works with SAE teams to develop customised 3D printed parts like Air Intake systems for Racing cars at International and Domestic Circuits.

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3d printing Oxygen to Innovation

3D Printing-Bringing Forward the Revolutionary Innovation

3D Printing has the power to bring your imagination to life. 3D printing is a manufacturing technology that enables you to create solid 3D objects from digital models.

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Here are some of

our awesome works

  • 3D Printing
Medimaker - Medical 3D Printer


Oxygen to Innovation recently launched a new product - Medimaker 3D Printer specifically for 3D Medical industry

3D Printer Prusa i3

Prusa i3

Oxygen to Innovation recently celebrated the sale of 100 Prusa i3 3D Printers.

Air Intake System for SAE Team IIT Kharagpur

air intake system

Oxygen to Innovation 3D Printed Air Intake System for SAE Team - IIT Kharagpur

 3D Printed model for Six D

3D Frog

3D Model 3D Printed at Oxygen to Innovation workstation for Six D

3D Architecture sector layout for Sharda

Sharda model

Oxygen to Innovation 3D printed the entire site layout of an area for Sharda University , Greater Noida

SLA 3D Printed Micro parts

Micro 3D parts

Micro parts being developed using SLA 3D printing at Oxygen to Innovation workstation

 Miniature car model of Suzuki S Cross


1:25 Miniature car model developed for Maruti Suzuki S Cross using diecasting & 3D Printing at Oxygen to Innovation workstation

3D Printed Air Intake system for SAE team NSIT


Oxygen to Innovation 3D Printed Air Intake System for SAE Team

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